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What does Sunday morning look like?

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Image by Aaron Burden

What's HBBC like?

We believe God must be the central focus of all worship.

The Bible provides the basic outline for how God desires to be worshiped when believers come together on the Lord’s Day; that is, through preaching of God’s Word, fellowship, the Lord’s Table, prayer, and singing.

We believe the Bible emphasizes the greatness and holiness of God which should cause us to worship Him respectfully and reverently, to be balanced with the salvation and love of God which should cause us to worship joyfully and confidently!


Our worship setting

We believe that the voices of believers should be the primary instruments of worshipping God through music.

We also believe God has given musical abilities to be used for His glory, which includes aide in congregational singing by the use of musical instruments.

We believe there is no set Biblical rule for which instruments can be used in worship as long as they are used in aiding the congregational voice rather than drowning voices out or drawing unnecessary attention for show.

We believe that the words of the songs should be more important in drawing out the emotions rather than the style, but also recognise God is glorified through our emotions as they respond to singing the truths of His praise. We seek to balance cultural “sing-ability” with edification for all the saints.

The main guidelines for the song selection regardless of length, age, repetition, or style are:

•Is it true according to God’s Word?

•Is it spiritually edifying?

•Is it reverent balanced with joy?

•Is there a balance of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs?

Violin and Music Sheet

Children's ministry

Where do my children go?

We encourage parents to be involved in training their children (or child) to learn to sit still at home during the week so that the church worship service can be used as the soul training zone, rather than the sole training zone. However, we realise many families come from different backgrounds and may have children who have a hard time sitting through a worship service.

We provide Activity packs for primary school age children.

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